‘We Are What We Eat’ is about helping even the busiest New Zealanders rediscover how quick and easy cooking real food can be, so we have more time to enjoy and share with the people we care about.

On the website you’ll find new recipes, twists on the classics, and tips to get it done smarter and faster. With help from Annabel Langbein, Fonterra's mission is to get Kiwis cooking again. Annabel will be sharing her amazing recipes and straight up, chilled out advice about making and sharing real food, regularly. So make sure you keep following us on our journey

We’ve also added a few handy tools to the website to make meal times much easier to plan – and involve the whole family. You can create shopping lists (and send them to family & friends), and create your own cookbook by saving your favourite recipes so they’re easy to find again. Plus, a lot of the recipes include full videos where Annabel shows you how to create each recipe at home, as well as quick tip videos. 

Check it out now, you won’t be disappointed: www.wearewhatweeat.co.nz


Let’s eat happy New Zealand, let’s eat together and let’s eat well!


For more information please contact:

Nick Lowe
(+64) 9 339 0700