Privacy Policy

Satellite Media Ltd recognises the importance of protecting an individual’s privacy. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that an individual’s personal information is protected from misuse or unauthorised disclosure.

Satellite Media Ltd uses personal information for the ordinary operation of its business including: to identify an individual; to provide customers with products and services they require including the administration and management of those products and services; for researching and developing Satellite Media Ltd's products and services including an understanding of a customer’s communications needs for the purposes of enhancing or improving Satellite Media Ltd's products and services; informing Customers of changes to Satellite Media Ltd's products and services; and to conduct appropriate checks regarding the provision of the products and services to a customer.

Satellite Media Ltd may use or disclose personal information about an individual to the extent: indicated at the time of supply of the information to Satellite Media Ltd; required to provide customers or an individual with products or services as requested; required for the ordinary operation of Satellite Media Ltd's website or business (e.g. to inform customers about Satellite Media Ltd activities, products and services).

Satellite Media Ltd will not use or disclose any information about an individual for purposes other than those listed above without first obtaining the individual’s consent, other than where the use of disclosure is permitted by law.

An individual may request access, changes and updates to any personal information Satellite Media Ltd hold about that individual at any time. Where any individual wishes to access their personal information held by Satellite Media Ltd or has any complaints regarding Satellite Media Ltd's treatment of the individual’s personal information, then please email Satellite Media Ltd providing name and email address, and details of the request or complaint.